Your space and needs are unique. Let me bring my more than twenty years of experience to help you make the most of them! Whether you are looking for a custom built-in, a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture or cabinetry, or something unique for your home or office, my custom design solutions, exceptional cabinetry work, and committed craftsmanship will add the personalized touch you want. 

Maybe you want a custom piece of carving, or a carved element incorporated into your cabinetry. Or maybe you need wood-turned chair spindles, table legs, or staircase balusters. Or bowls, boxes, vases, candle sticks, or any of the other kinds of wood turning that I do.

Here are some examples of my work from my portfolio, to give you an idea of my range.

Built-Ins & Cabinetry   Custom Furniture  Closets
Architectural Woodworking   Repairs & Restorations 
Wood Carving  Woodturnin

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