Nautical Staircase

This client asked me to make new railings for a staircase going up to an attic room. She wanted to use rope bannisters, in a style reminiscent of railings in a ship. To finish off the ropes, I fabricated a modified Wall and Crown Knot—a particular favorite of mine—at each end.


To secure the Wall and Crown knots at the top of the stairs, I passed the rope through the  posts, and anchored it to the wall with metal eyehooks. 



At the foot of the stairs, I secured the knots with eyehooks as well.


A Modified Wall and Crown Knot

I made a knot at each end of the rope by modifying a Wall and Crown Knot. A regular Wall and Crown usually involves two full passes of the pattern. To get the knot to the dimensions I wanted, I made three passes.

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