Upcycled Crafts Studio


Upcycle: Using ordinary objects to make something extraordinary.

                                                                                                                                                           — Urban Dictonary

My wife and I share a love for a multitude of handcrafts. She knits, sews, quilts, embroiders, paints and dyes fabrics, and makes jewelry. I work with leather and metal, also make jewelry, sew, carve wood, and do blacksmithing, among other things. So we decided to dedicate one room as a crafts studio for  our crafts supplies and projects. This is her workbench. 


To set up the room, I decided to go through my stock of extra wood and hardware left over from other projects, using entirely upcycled materials. For example, the drawers on the left came from a bar for which I did a renovation. I built the case that now holds them. The drawers on the right were ones that someone in my building had discarded. All of the shelving came from my stock of extra materials.

To make the actual bench surface, I used left-over cherry veneer plywood, finished with lacquer. 

The small hand-painted set of drawers were made by her grandmother, also a craftswoman.

I took an old task lamp, for which the base had gone missing, and used a piece of elm to turn a new one. (For a full description of how I did this, see the Lamp Bases page in the Wood Turning section).


By now, of course, my wife has filled the space with considerably more books, materials, and ongoing projects, but the best part is having the dedicated space!

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