Repairs and Restorations

re·store (r-stôr, -str): To return (something, especially a work of art or building) to an original or former condition. From Old French, from Latin rēstaurāre to rebuild, from re- + -staurāre, as in instaurāre to renew].

What is the difference between repair and restoration? A repair restores a piece’s functionality and, ideally, returns it to full use. In contrast, restoring an item is an art-form. It involves bringing a piece back as close as possible to its original condition, and can include both structural and finish repairs. It can range from giving a piece a light cleaning or removing ground-in dirt, to creating and replacing parts, and even completely rebuilding the piece and matching an original stain or finish. Given that a piece of furniture may include wood, glass, inlay, leather, and fabric, restoration can require a wide range of skills. 

I have had the privilege of working with pieces treasured by my clients. I look forward to working with yours.

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