The Jigsaw Puzzle From Hell Project

It's amazing how much damage a little pallet wrap can do to a couple of tables during a move. In both of these photographs, you can see the condition of the fretwork galleries (the carved details around the table edges) when I picked up these pieces from the movers.


One end piece had been so badly crushed that I had to create a whole new one to replace it. Doing so posed a challenge, because not only was there the detailed fretwork itself; none of the pieces followed a straight line.


Even though some parts were salvageable, it still took hours of sifting through the fragments to figure out where they belonged. By the end of the third day, I was referring to this project as the Jigsaw Puzzle From Hell.  As I proceeded, I had to fabricate a dozen or so little pieces, because the originals were either too badly damaged, or missing altogether. Bit by bit, the galleries came back together, after which I mixed up a stain to match the original color.

Still, as you can see below, after about a week I managed to put everything back together again.

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