The Quincy Pews Project


I got a call one day from Christ Church in the nearby town of Quincy. Originally started in 1689, and formally organized in 1704, it is one of the oldest Episcopal congregations in Massachusetts. The current building dates to 1874.

The church wanted to create more room at the front of the sanctuary. The only way to do so was to remove the first row from two sets of pews, which they asked me to do. At the same time, they wanted to preserve the original look.

The job involved removing the front dividers, and then taking out the pews and side dividers. 

I also had to repair the effects of joining pieces that had not originally been adjoining (below). This involved cutting and fitting in smaller pieces, and then matching the stain.

The church decided to leave the flooring from the original front pews, which provided a base upon which to reposition the front dividers.

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