Wood Turning


This section is under construction, but I have posted examples of my work in each category to give you an idea of the range of my wood-turning projects. Stay tuned for more descriptions and discussions!

I make these pieces on commission, and also to sell at venues like the Topsfield Fair. The Association of Revolutionary Turners, the wood-turning club I’ve been a part of for some years now, has a demonstration booth every year, located in the “New Meadows” section of the fairgrounds (#29 on the map).  If you are local and interested, I hope you’ll come by!  If you can’t, I’ve posted a few such demonstration videos at the end of the section.

Built-Ins & Cabinetry   Custom Furniture  Closets
Architectural Woodworking
   Repairs & Restorations 
Wood Carving  Woodturnin

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